The Philippines Hundred Islands Park is composed of big and small islands surrounded by fresh and salty water. Over 123 islands with an area of 1,1884 hectares. The hundred islands is located in Pangasinan one of Philippines provinces in North Luzon. It is one of the Philippines beautiful spots for tourism. 

 This is one of the visited places in the country when it comes to beaches and resorts. The islands are really amazing. It looks like they cast down purposely. The other perfect place to relax and enjoy the vacation. "The Top 10 most beautiful place to go" declared by the Manila Bulletin one of the leading news papers in the country.

It was December 23rd when I and my friends decided to go there. I was very excited because it would be my first time to go there.  When we got there, I really surprised. I exhaled and absorb the cold air coming around.
Everyone is excited. After the day, we were all exhausted. By the way, I'm just sharing our experience being there.

You can rent boats to hang around real amazing nature. You can stay there and enjoy the vacation without spending a lot of money. All accommodations are very affordable. So nothing to worry about.

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  1. Hi Natt,

    I was here before, nice place but scary.

    Delly Mae